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Product design
Identity design

toLearn. toConnect. toTalk.

toTalk is an app powered by Machine Learning that helps people with oral communication problems to train their skills and communicate with their environment. The algorithm learns the unique way of communicating from each user (people with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, aphasia…) and creates a personalized dictionary, translating the sounds into words.

For this project I have developed the corporate identity, illustration system, UX/UI design and marketing strategy. toTalk was one of the participants of Startup School by Tetuan Valley, an acceleration program endorsed by Google for Startups.

four mobile mockups showing the app toTalk
Design process

Briefing ➝ Ideation ➝ Design ➝ Iteration ➝ Implementation


toTalk is a web app ideated and developed by a three-person team. The technology it uses requires that the user record each word, and this phase is crucial for the software to translate the words accurately in following phases.

A conclusion was reached that it was very important to differenciate the two main actions a user could perform (training/speaking) and keep in consideration both the user and the end user (patients and tutors, respectively), and their tech literacy.

Easy usability for both groups of users: facilitators (family, therapists) and end users (people with cerebral palsy and similar conditions).

Adaptability of the app functionalities to the needs of each user in the addition of inputs and sound training (we only provide the structure and technology).

Scalability (from single words to conversations; from single profiles to group profiles and multiuser interactions).

Information architecture
Login / Sign Up
Diseño UI de app del registro e inicio de toTalk.
Diseño UI de la app: biblioteca de palabras, búsqueda, añadir palabra, palabra añadida con éxito.
Audio recording
Diseño UI: grabación de audio, escuchando, cancelar la grabación, editar el audio, biblioteca de audios, eliminar grabación, grabación eliminada.
Sound recognition and translation
Diseño UI: reconocimiento de sonido, escuchando, buscando resultados, pantalla de resultado con las opciones de guardar o descartar el audio.
Brand identity
Logo de toTalk
Color palette
Paleta de color del proyecto con códigos RGB y HEX
Illustration and animation