Strong Squad





Art direction

F*** your beauty standards

Strong Squad was born as a safe space for crossfit training aimed at LGBTQIA+ teens and women in Navan (Ireland). Far from aesthetic goals, the trainer Beatriz Ruiz de Aguiar wanted the users to be stronger inside and outside the box. The project includes naming, identity and design of corporate elements that serve as the basis for brand communications.

The image shows three stickers on a high school locker. One of the stickers reads "#F YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS" over a pastel colors gradient. The second sticker is rounded and has the Strong Squad logo printed over a pastel yellow background with a pink bolt in the center. The third sticker is heart-shaped and has the same pastel gradient as the first one.

Radical support

Taking into account the target of Strong Squad, both the logo and the color palette are chosen with the purpose of creating a soft image, amicable towards future members and away from the imaginary created around crossfit. However, certain elements (the pure black color, the lighting bolt, even the name) turn Strong Squad into a meeting point of physical effort and mental and emotional empowerment.

Color palette

You got it, gurl!

Setting the tone in which Strong Squad addresses its audience is crucial. It is not just a space, it is a community, a family, a body, fat & gender positive movement. We take ourselves seriously, have fun in the process and pay no attention to whoever wants to make us believe that we are worth less for not complying with the standards of beauty and behavior.