Art direction

Print design

To speak as a native, like, for real

Self-published compilation of Spanish popular expressions and idioms, because having a C2 level is fine, but no other dictionary will give you the satisfaction of correctly using “Bernarda’s p***y” in a conversation.

The image shows two equal zines over a pink background. The zine on the left is closed and we see the cover of CHICHINABO: small dictionary of Spanish popular expressions and idioms to speak as a native", and a stamp with the face of Arturo Pérez-Reverte and the text "Pérez-Reverte's Seal of Approval". On the right, the same zine but open.

Pérez-Reverte’s Seal of Approval

Chichinabo is the only zine that has this exclusive (100% REAL, 0% MADE UP) recognition.

Several zines over a grey background.
A drawing of Pérez-Reverte's face saying "See you later, maricarmen"